Quarantined? We have your back-literally!

Due to the current mandate in Nevada we are currently functioning as a fully VIRTUAL studio. Our mental and physical health can be our biggest asset right now. We’d love to make it easy for you to maintain excellent posture, a strong core, and a highly functioning immune system.
Our VIRTUAL studio is special. We aren’t just pumping out tons of reps on a video,  we are practicing conscience movement. We will look at posture, hip alignment, chest and neck alignment and pick the right exercises for your body. You will get personal attention and specific corrections for your body.
These VIRTUAL workouts can be done by those at any level. I highly recommend for those in the aging population as regular outing are not possible and its key to help you maintain your independence at home..
Grab some things around the house.- a mat or towel, a pillow, a belt, canned food for weights, and a chair. If you happen to have a foam roller, pole, and/ or magic circle those can definitely be used.

New to the Studio???

There are two ways to join us VIRTUALLY- Privately or In a Group.
All offerings are presented in two week installments.

60 Private Session VIRTUAL

One 60 minute private per week for $174 (87 each)

Two 60 minute privates per week for $329 (82.25 each)

30 Private Session VIRTUAL

One 30 minute private per week - $90 (45 each)

Two 30 minute privates per week- $175 (43.75 each)

Small Group VIRTUAL

3 Classes for $49

14 day expiration, includes access to FREE community classes.