Instructor Bios

Sr. Instructor / Studio Director

Juliet Lauren is proud to hold a Romana’s Pilates Certification since 2008 (Romana Kryzanowska was the premier student of Joe and his wife Clara Pilates for many years and took over running their studio after their passing). Juliet’s certification includes over 600 hours of observation and instruction on all Pilates equipment.

Juliet participates in continuing education every year with her mentors Brie Neff, Trish Garland, Mari Winsor, Jay Grimes, Chris Robinson, Cynthia Lochard, and Sari Mejia-Santo. Since her Vegas arrival she has taught at The Pilates Body, Las Vegas and continues as Pilates staff at Cirque du Soleil instructing the performers in Zumanity. Juliet infuses her education and 10,000+ experience hours to provide her clients with the best results and highest value.

Before becoming certified, Juliet earned her BFA in Dance Education from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, her hometown. She has traveled the world through her professional career as a dancer working on cruise ships, with the NFL, and here in Vegas as a famous Jubilee showgirl.

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Anthony B. Piegaro

I’m currently an Athletic Trainer for Cirque du Soleil at Mystere. As an Athletic Trainer for Cirque du Soleil, I have also worked on Zumanity, LOVE, and La Nouba. My previous work as an Athletic Trainer includes Columbia University, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Williams College. In my downtime, I enjoy watching sports, cooking, and shopping. I’m a big sports fan and foodie!

Why do you do Pilates?
I do Pilates for physical and mental wellbeing. I love the challenge that it provides from both a physical and mental perspective.

What is your favorite exercise & why?
My favorite exercise is the Teaser because of everything that is combined into that exercise and how great it feels when you’re able to perform a good Teaser.

What is the best part of teaching clients?
The best part of teaching clients is helping them to feel good about themselves and seeing the short-term and long-term progress that they achieve in their Pilates practice.

If you could tell yourself something about Pilates you know now, but didn't when you started, what would it be?
I would tell myself that Pilates is an evolving practice and that there is always something to improve upon.

What goal are you working on in teaching or personal practice?
The goal that I am working on in my personal practice is improving my upper body strength and mobility/flexibility to be able to perform a High Bridge. The goal that I am working on in my teaching practice is becoming more efficient in using the Pilates method to achieve my client’s goals.

Ashley Lafferty

I moved to Las Vegas 5 years ago when I joined the The Beatles LOVE cast by Cirque du Soleil in the Fall of 2012. Prior to the move I attended the University of Arizona and received a BFA in Dance. I am originally from Lincoln, Nebraska where I started dance at age 5. I was on my dance studio's competition team and enjoyed being on my high school's dance team. I found Pilates when looking for a workout that would keep me in shape and correct my body while doing 10 shows a week. Pilates was the perfect match and my love affair with the work started then. When I'm not teaching or performing, you can find me out hiking with my 4 year old Morkie, Mollie, and my 2 year old Australian Shepherd, Arlo.

Why do you do Pilates?
I think pilates is the perfect workout. I feel like I work my muscles, but I also feel rejuvenated and my body feels great the next day. It’s the only workout I found that shows real results and I can honestly say my body feels better now then it did when I was 23. And I am still doing 10 shows a week.

What is your favorite exercise and why?
My favorite exercise would have to be TOWER! My hamstrings and back get really tight and this exercise just opens it all up perfectly. I can literally feel my tailbone lengthen out and my low back is flat when I come out of the exercise. It is by far my favorite!!!

What the best part of teaching clients?
The best part of teaching clients is being able to make them feel better in that hour. Whether they need a butt kicking workout or they need a rejuvenating workout, being able to communicate with them and get them feeling like they can take on the rest of their day is the best part.

If you could tell yourself something about Pilates you know now but didn’t when you started, what would it be?
I would probably tell myself to not be so worried about doing everything right. As a performer I always want to do things perfectly, but every professional started out as a beginner. Doing new things can be scary, but I am so happy I came in and took my first lesson because I can’t imagine not having Pilates in my life!

What goal are you working on in teaching or personal practice?
As a teacher I am working on learning different ways to keep my clients on their toes. I find the more experienced clients are harder to teach because they challenge you to be more creative. And because of that I am so thankful for my clients because you can really learn from everyone! As a personal goal I am constantly working on correcting my body and strengthening my upper body.