What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been lucky enough to study with Juliet bi-weekly for almost two years now. My Pilates sessions with her number in the hundreds. This should speak enough to her skill and passion, but if not let it be clear that my reasons for repeated return are numerous! Juliet is a thoughtful listener and an aggressive instructor. She tailors every lesson specifically to your wants and needs. Physically, Juliet has drastically changed my body, but also my awareness of self. To anyone reading, go once and you’ll be hooked and grateful! I love Juliet!


Juliet has been my Pilates instructor for five years. I first attended group mat classes with Juliet. Then, I became hooked on Pilates. I now attend 2-3 private sessions each week. Juliet, and Pilates, have dramatically changed my body. I have always been a workout fanatic, but since starting Pilates, I have lost 30 pounds and 5 dress sizes. At 60 years old, and Juliet’s oldest client (I think…), I feel that I am in the best shape, physically and mentally, of my adult life. I have had several orthopedic injuries and Juliet is very knowledgeable surrounding my limitations. She is a tough, hands-on instructor who continues to challenge me each and every day. I would highly recommend Juliet to both new and experienced Pilates students….you owe it to yourself!


"Juliet is such dedicated instructor. She is one of a kind that brings the best out of you yet she points out to the weakest part in you which brings in an outstanding results. But most importanly it’s so much fun taking class with Juliet, that you always want to come back. Love her! She is the best!"


Juliet is the greatest Pilates instructor I have ever come across – and believe me, I know. I have trained in Manhattan, South Beach, Las Vegas and in Rochester, in some of the top studios. However, time and again, I return to Juliet because, quite simply, she is the best.


When searching for Pilates in my area, I truly hit the jackpot with Juliet. She is everything you look for in a ‘coach.’ She perfectly blends positivity with intensity. She doesn’t take her eyes off of you for a second and is constantly making adjustments to provide a truly personalized Pilates experience. Her level of education of her profession is admirable and deserving of the utmost respect. She loves what she does and it shows in her passion while teaching others! Juliet is a true professional.


What an amazing workout. Juliet pushed me to my limit, surprising me that I could do so much. I improved every class. Goals are set, and Juliet is the best instructor to help you reach them. I look forward to every class. Thanks Juliet for inspiring me to be better every day!


Juliet is very passionate about her work and a desire to help. She is a great Pilates instructor and is recognized through her Pilates education. She took the time to find out about me by asking about injuries, illness or medications that might affect the workout so that instruction could be tailored. She is very observant and notices if there are body imbalances and realizes that each day brings a different set of circumstances. She is the consummate professional who always keeps a good attitude, makes learning fun and is encouraging. I never realized the mental aspect that went along with this workout which was very enlightening to me. I highly recommend Juliet Lauren Pilates whether it is your first time or not.


Juliet is phenomenal! It is hard to find a classical Pilates instructor so I feel very lucky that not only is Juliet really well trained but her attention to detail is beyond belief and she has a great personality. There is NO cheating in a session with Juliet – and I love that! Juliet pushes hard but celebrates success and isn’t just an instructor but an amazing coach. My sessions are consistently a highlight of my week